Strangers Chat Room

All the people of the world are strangers to each other, except relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

But, now, there is nothing called strangers, when it comes to On this platform or a chat room, strangers intermingle with each other like blood and sinew. Be it, from every nationality or belonging to any mother tongue on Earth, joy chat liquidities being stranger, instantly.

It has been observed that in joy chat, Chinese being totally friendly with someone from remote Africa or like a Lumberjack in Canada teaching his techniques to someone in Sundarbans forest in Bangladesh how to preserve trees if cut voluntarily or due to act of God.

Likewise is the case with people of all trades and interests. When people are having the same wavelength as to interests they don’t remain strangers.

When it comes to Voice Chat, joy chat has three channels, debates and arguments by users on different topics is also a routine. People argue on how the world needs proper care and what steps to be taken to make it safer.  The recent topic being Amazon Rain Forest’s destruction due to huge fire. People in joy chat concur that Amazon Forest is rightly called lungs of the world as it purifies 20% of total carbon dioxide on Earth into Oxygen.

The concept of stranger hood also dilutes when users of joy chat sing and use instrumentals of music in other voice channels of joy chat, basic concept being music have no language and it can be enjoyed in any language of the world. Join joy chat to be a family in what you believe is strangers.

Strangers Chat Room(Rules& Regulation):

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