Professional Chat Room

The contemporary world provides all kinds of pastime activities to the professionals which include Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Accounts Specialists, Educators and IT specialists. But, the activities are having an individual role or consisting of a few professionals engaged in a single pastime activity. So, to fill this anomaly, joy chat was launched on discord but having its own domain and hosting with a proper trained professional team of IT specialists.

Joy chat is an international information, gaming and chatting server of its own kind where hundreds of professionals gather to enjoy collectively and to interact with each other, sharing personal experiences and professional experiences. Joy chat was launched having two basic goals, human resources development and women empowerment. On these goals professionals interact in joy chat regularly and it is becoming a phenomenon, unprecedented in world’s history. One platform for all the professionals of the world to join, enjoy and do good for humanity at large.

As mentioned above is a server having three distinct qualities, for information webhooks have been created from top news channels of the world (CNN, BBC, Reutors and Al Jazeera). Whatever happens in the world lands in the #Breaking News channel of joy chat spontaneously. As to games, joy chat has many user friendly games and some games are synched with the gamers of the world. Chatting channels are also busy 24/7.

Chatting is moderated by people having top educational and experience background. For technical help, joy chat has many tech administrators having top IT experience and educational background.

Professional Chat Room(Rules& Regulation):

Kindly note; No Spamming would be allowed. Abusive, insulting, rude, bias and uncivilized languages, comments, text will not be tolerated and will result in permanent ban by Admin.

WELCOME to Joy. Chat is international information, gaming and chatting server. Have FUN and JOY.

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